Saturday, September 13, 2008

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it frightens
turns off the lights
exposing my darkness
and its unbreathable smell

back then
in a decade
as we speak
5 minutes ago

this feeling of insufficiency
my bleeding out insecurity
and that fervor to get it right
at no time believing i might

head held underwater
after the happy dive
i can't come out for air
i can't come out alive

if i reach for your hands
we will both drown

forgive me


Anonymous said...

feeling insufficient will drown you..but an offered hand is offered for a reason..and doesn't mean both will long as both have will

ellumbra said...

A multiple choice poem - mix and match?
I choose "If I reach for your hands" "after the happy dive"

Varun said...

That is very well written!if you are offered a hand,take it.Hope is a wonderful thing.It helps you only if you have it