Wednesday, September 3, 2008

new knot old tie

how dare you play her so easily
like you composed her

have you no respect for the depth of the abyss
are you that naive to think it won't matter
it won't reach her
won't tear her up

did she wear her mask that well
not even you could tell

what were you both thinking
awakening such a toughly achieved hibernation

have you learned nothing in all these years
still not aware of what will be triggered
by just a sentence
by one dare
one tiny, nearly invisible signal

i swear by me one would vow
you'd have grasped the danger by now

what is the matter with her
to allow her doors to fling open like that

when did she give up on the unspoken
at what point precisely did she forget the hurt
she caused
and felt

hadn't she promised to let you escape
wasn't she truly glad you got over the ache


like nothing ever happened
you hopeless bunch have refallen in it

it'll happen over and over again

won't it?


Anonymous said...

only if you let it

Juan Trasmonte said...

Lindo Carolina!
Sempre que veio aqui, saio reconfortado