Monday, July 7, 2008

of parting and reunion

since the music box inside
needs two hands to get wound up
it can never sound complete
skipping notes, deforming timbers
urging fingers ever missed

since the hands that fuel the tune
are apart by ocean's blue
back and forth, the box plays life
always halved, unsettled, fooled
by miles that won't take far

now it's time to (one more time)
rise and fly and meet the missed
soon the other half will try
new ways to please and amuse
through the music still diffuse

carrying on
i'm split in half

for two homes share my bed

dear friends and visitors: i will not be able to update the blog for the following 2 months, due to my annual, much treasured trip to the homeland. i am afraid reliable internet access might not be an option.

i will come back, though. i always do. till then! :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008


dipping my soul in chocolate
having a tree take me by the hand
entering a white room
so packed with colourful ballons
the door will barely open

sensing lilac clouds of all-flavoured ice cream
sweep me off my feet
as you smile at me

being held locked by the witch
finding out i am the witch
falling off the ferris wheel
just as we were both so thrilled
in a perfect, smily day

getting robbed of your hands
no-one there to

stop that crime
as i see i made you whine

will you always bring your laughter
if i promise to behave?

will you take me to your playground
if i swear not to complain?

give me one more of your hugs, filled with stars and cinnabuns?
trust me now, won't let you down

mom will be a good girl

Thursday, July 3, 2008


my weight in gold
for the black-haired girl, with eyes brown of confidence and her dreams intact

my life in cash
for her mind at ease, her pride in health and her heart unstoned

my secrets in bold
if she's still alive, if she goes outside and will dance again

my dimes in a bash
for a lady on the run, with my past in her smile and her essence in my hands

not that

it is not that i'm regretful as such
(sweet is the fruit we harvested and rich is the wine it gave)
it is this illogical pondering 'bout neighbour grass

it is not that i got bored per se
(rare is the laughter, not fake; shy is the thrill, not taken)
it is this joy i won't allow to blossom

it is not plug-pulling in itself
(intact remain the reasons that unified; powerful still, the urge for feedback)
it is this thirst that can't be quenched

it is not that i mean to bruise you
it is this wrath that bursts unfounded
it is this insecurity-born shadow, erasing our light

it is that i launched love your way
without ever doing it towards myself

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

enlighten me

"uhh, SOMEbody is in a bad mood.."

how can anyone possibly conclude it is a good idea to throw that at a person who is annoyed? honestly. how is that helpful? does it sound remotely comforting? and how - for heaven's sake - is it surprising that the unamused being becomes even angrier after hearing such a statement? i must be missing something.

"You know, shockingly, that doesn't make me feel any better."