Monday, September 8, 2008

night watch

your gliding

amongst my mist, clearing the path
and my sight

my standing

in a field of daisies, under heavy rain
and dusk

a glimpse

of fine hair half-hiding the eyes
i want on me

the grip

of my hands on your fate
and your life on my whole

a plea

let it be dark
let it be dark

audio version


confused said...

in darkness there is sight if you let your eyes adjust

Jennifer said...

For years, I spent every day waiting for night to come, couldn't wait for darkness to fall, to seek out "the eyes i want on me."

Impressionist said...

wow! I love the way u've written it!


Ellumbra said...

Miss Z does it again,& again.
Such haunting words - such an expressive voice -irresistable combination.
Thank you Carolina Z