Thursday, October 23, 2008


like the sun gives up shining
when i shut the blinds

much as hurt just steams away
when i quit crying

same way you're no longer there
when i close my eyes

just as rain no longer pours
when i reach my lair

i flip a coin
i pull a plug
i skip a scene
i pick a mug

i hit a switch
and let go of us

Sunday, October 19, 2008


i was here
all was well
heart was fine
lead was mine
walls bright white, speckless

you were there
voice on mute
bans in bold
dreams on hold
tears dried out, irrevocably

then somewhere
along our timelines
we reclashed

and nothing
in place

not a pebble
not a leaf

not a sigh
a reboot
and i'm back to zero
only this time

i'm alone

of nate you
have done their job
the gap has become a canyon

Thursday, October 16, 2008


so Chungyen Chang from Weather for Headphones had the simple yet sparkling idea of recording his poems. and what can I say.. i got so inspired that i've decided to implement the gimmick myself! on a happier note for you, kind readers that i treasure, listening to the results is entirely optional. :)

i have only voiced two of my latest posts so far and i don't really think i'll cover the whole of my scribblings. requests, anyone?

i'd also like to take the opportunity to thank Robert from Black Tie and Sneakers, who's been unsayably gracious to me, having gone that far as to reach me an award!

and my very first one too. thank you so much, dear friend! now, i am not exactly sure of what i should do next - what with my lack of experience in the matter. so i'll do as Robert did, since i'm sure he knows what he's doing - and pass it on to two of my favorite bloggers in the whooole wide web:

Tim from Smoke Signals and Juan from Naovem Quenaotem

i hope i'm not doing anything awfully wrong. could i have sent it back to you, Rob?

thank you all for stopping by! ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


i had a dream today
of flames and chill
of now being then

and issues gone still

i got some bills to pay
before the jackpot hits me

before the prize is reached
and i can cash thee

i've a confession to make
i didn't word a thing i meant

i never said for how to speak
of the engraved that can't be read

would you please be a darling

and reach for the remote

to get us forwarded


audio version

Saturday, October 11, 2008

take it

it's yours

it's not bloody
i promise

it's still pumping
but softly

it won't kill me
the opposite

and it fits in your pocket

Thursday, October 9, 2008

under new direction

if i were to spread my wings
somebody would try to clip them
some feathers could grow unevenly
my soaring could be unsteady

if i'll just get up and sing
they'll hear the imperfections
i'll know of my limitations
and let them nullify the essence

so i won't

if i could defend myself
i'd no longer sit so still
they'd quit all the understanding
and charge would replace their pity

if i could undust my faith
i'd sound way too self-assured
the world affronts self-assured
i'd have to prove myself right

so i can't

if i take some breath away
there are always the unimpressed
soever this "good, not best"
and the looks that pierce the fragile

and if i go back to writing
who knows what they'll think of me
god knows if you'll feel a thing
or if i can take the blow

so i don't

so i didn't

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

you've been my golden best friend
and now with post-demise at hand
i can't go to you for consolation
'cause we're off limits during this transition

this grief overwhelms me
it burns in my stomach
and i can't stop bumping into things

i thought we'd be simple together
i thought we'd be happy together
thought we'd be limitless together
i thought we'd be precious together
but i was sadly mistaken

you've been my soulmate and then some
i remembered you the moment i met you
with you i knew god's face was handsome
with you i saw fun and expansion

this loss is numbing me it pierces my chest
and i can't stop dropping everything

i thought we'd be sexy together
thought we'd be evolving together
i thought we'd have children together
i thought we'd be family together
but i was sadly mistaken

if i had a bill for all the philosophies i shared
if i had a penny for all the possibilities i presented
if i had a dime for every hand thrown up in the air
my wealth would render this no less severe

i thought we'd be genius together
i thought we'd be healing together
i thought we'd be growing together
thought we'd be adventurous together
but i was sadly mistaken

thought we'd be exploring together
thought we'd be inspired together
i thought we'd be flying together
thought we'd be on fire together
but i was sadly mistaken

Alanis - Simple Together

Thursday, October 2, 2008


her and her
clear achievements
strong-rooted goals
and amazing roles

me and my
maze of doubts

her and my
unwanted presence
disturbing trail
and involuntary offensive

me and her

you and her
hungry love
nearly criminal beauty
and striking ways

you and my
fragile self

me and your
charming spirit
shameless taming
and keys to my every gate

you and her