Monday, September 1, 2008

the gap

where some ghosts hide
where my knights ride
and Desire rules
there's a bright-hole

and it's shaped like you

underneath contentment
past the veils of reason
ignoring time
there remains a cave

and it smells like you

deep down
where the dreams are built
where good deeds get tilted
mixed with blood and breeze
i have found a space

and it shines like you

high above
soaring over my attempts
to replace, remove, refill
playing its mocking tune
there's a gap awaiting

it's unnervingly patient

and it drums like you

audio version


confused said...

lovely writing..I am glad to see you back..:)

Angel said...

very beautiful!

Ellumbra said...

That is fabulous - I have always found phantoms to be the most beguiling lovers, the most inspiring - born from my deepest longings, illuminated by the highest hope - but those dreams of my heart, the flickering shapes in its crystal - are they not just the flames in my soul, there to warm me, a torch to guide me?

Carolina Z said...

Yes, they are... they are indeed.
Thank you! :)