Wednesday, November 12, 2008

worth association

                          her love in the length of a scar

                                                             a fight with no taste for war

                         the craving for oven-fresh peace

                                                           his dream of the might-not-have-beens

                            intents being forced into sleep

                                                              a night with no dawning to seek

                           her love in the range of a star

                                                               a light with no shine to dart

Friday, November 7, 2008

kreativ blogger award

It was with pure joy - and a considerable share of surprise - that I recently found myself receiving the Kreativ Blogger Award from Kayla, who runs OCD Lives Here and The Fourteener - two excellent contributions to our lives, both real and virtual. Thank you so much, Kayla!

As known, it is now my turn to reach the prize for creativity... and I am surely not the only one to consider him deserving of it: Nathan from Imagination Manifesto, a place which feeds eyes and soul. Creativity is naturally only one, from many attributes. Chances are, he's been Kreativ Blogger awarded many times before... nothing more understandable.

As I learned from Kayla, this particular award requires that a dozen taste-related items be listed... so here they come:

6 things I love, randomly picked:

- My daughter (as in cute little thing :)
- Music
- Cinnabuns (can't get them around here - the pain!)
- Photography
- Kisses in the rain
- Calvin and Hobbes

6 things I do not love, randomly picked:

- When my iPod runs out of battery.
- Shop clerks that look and sound and smell like they are doing me the ultimate favour for selling me something.
- Choosing an absolutely delicious dish from some delivery place menu, getting an obscenely watery mouth at the mere thought of it, calling and finding out that they are closed for the day.
- When my child is sick.
- Driving (Hey, Kayla.. let's start a club? ;)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


rescue me

from these dubious thoughts
from this breathing that stings
from the futures i lost

release me

from this toxic hope
from the hours long dead
and the needs they evoke

free me

from this mud in my veins
this unweary withdrawal
and its ruthless reign

find me

in the maze of your being

throw me out
and forbid me

to slip back in
to slip back
to slip

a melodic composition
but i'm not a singer
don't listen with your ears
listen with your soul

Sunday, November 2, 2008

prime flight

turned on

and for the first time
i didn't miss it

a song was composed
and the newborn got
cradled in my ear

a poem was found
in a rusted tin can
between layers of wait

a fire was lit
from stone on stone
easing paleolithic shivers
you came

Saturday, November 1, 2008

song loved

Daphne and Apollo
by Nerina Pallot

Venus loved Daphne and so did Apollo

So why can't I make myself like a tree?
Why must I burn daily and nightly
When nobody's running - well not after me.
Must I wait, must I pray
For something good to come my way?

Oh, Daphne was stupid! Yeah, how could she do it?
How could she turn a prince from her door?
'Cause if you came calling, boy I'd let you in
But you don't come calling, well not anymore.
So I wait, and I grow old.
When I'm dead, then you'll know.

Do you know?

You know.