Tuesday, September 2, 2008


tic put an end to womb and cord
tac brought a name
light and air
lullabies with maternal pitch
and smells

tic took away my crib and favourite breast
tac provided walking feet
80's music
sugar-coated waffles
and Strawberry Shortcake dolls

it sure was tic melting down my treasured toys (i saw him)
by my side stood tac
offering cheek-to-cheek dancing
the perpetual tenderness of young love
and the butterflies of a first kiss

tic's latest trick includes:
fine wrinkles
a couple of addictions
and a tad of tired sorrow
tac has been most lovely, teaching me that
regreting is just plain silly
nothing is lost forever
every plan has its season
that no, there shouldn't be such things as time machines

and for the first time i begin to learn

i'm ok with aging, really
it's fair trading


Ellumbra said...

Is this a sign?
Tic-tac-toeing the line?
Welcome back.

confused said...

age has a companion called discovery..

noni said...

wonderful surreal, fantasy ridden self-portraits...
nice work..