Wednesday, November 12, 2008

worth association

                          her love in the length of a scar

                                                             a fight with no taste for war

                         the craving for oven-fresh peace

                                                           his dream of the might-not-have-beens

                            intents being forced into sleep

                                                              a night with no dawning to seek

                           her love in the range of a star

                                                               a light with no shine to dart


jenn said...

Hello, I really like this poem and the way it was set up, great rhythm.

Anonymous said...

wonderful I have to agree with the setup with jenn..well done young lady

NathanKP said...

I love the way you used the pink/red color to highlight the word association.

The strength of this poem, I think, lies in the natural progression of those words and the evocative words you have chosen to describe them:

"oven-fresh peace"

I love it!


Carolina Z said...

I thank all of you for the wonderful words, most sincerely. Your positive reaction rocks my world!


You love it?
Well, I love the way you seem to have absorbed every single shade of it...

NathanKP said...

When I read poetry or even prose I try to analyze it and figure out what makes it beautiful, what the writer might have intended, or what they may have been feeling when they wrote it.

I have tagged you with a meme at Bookworm Meme.


Juan Trasmonte said...

Concretamente belíssimo!

matt at shadow of iris said...

This poem floats
lifting my imagination
towards mixed directions
all of them pleasing.