Friday, November 7, 2008

kreativ blogger award

It was with pure joy - and a considerable share of surprise - that I recently found myself receiving the Kreativ Blogger Award from Kayla, who runs OCD Lives Here and The Fourteener - two excellent contributions to our lives, both real and virtual. Thank you so much, Kayla!

As known, it is now my turn to reach the prize for creativity... and I am surely not the only one to consider him deserving of it: Nathan from Imagination Manifesto, a place which feeds eyes and soul. Creativity is naturally only one, from many attributes. Chances are, he's been Kreativ Blogger awarded many times before... nothing more understandable.

As I learned from Kayla, this particular award requires that a dozen taste-related items be listed... so here they come:

6 things I love, randomly picked:

- My daughter (as in cute little thing :)
- Music
- Cinnabuns (can't get them around here - the pain!)
- Photography
- Kisses in the rain
- Calvin and Hobbes

6 things I do not love, randomly picked:

- When my iPod runs out of battery.
- Shop clerks that look and sound and smell like they are doing me the ultimate favour for selling me something.
- Choosing an absolutely delicious dish from some delivery place menu, getting an obscenely watery mouth at the mere thought of it, calling and finding out that they are closed for the day.
- When my child is sick.
- Driving (Hey, Kayla.. let's start a club? ;)


Ellumbra said...

Congratulations - it is truly deserved - your words outline the space that is you - and what a unique and tender place that is.
Thank you for all your gifts.

Carolina Z said...

Tim, did you go to kindness school?

Thank you! xxx

Anonymous said...

congratulations well deserved..if you don't like driving don't come to Toronto they are all maniacs here..:)))

Carolina Z said...

Robert, you're Canadian??

I love Toronto, that's where I learned how to speak English. Of course, I didn't drive back then... :)

Thank you so much!

LAWRENCE said...

I posted your trademark picture and a link to your poetry blog on my poetry blog. I hope that you may place my "shocking green cockroach" with a link on your blog. Confused and I have already exchanged photo/link places.You are there on my page, in good company.

Keep writing.

Martha Alderson said...

Lovely blog.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

hmmmm ... a Cinnabun sounds terrific!!

Congrats :-)

Benjamin said...

Your words are wonderful, and I am very glad that you stumbled upon my site. I would love to talk more - if you are interested, there are contact details on my site

Have a most wonderful day <3

NathanKP said...

Congratulations Carolina for your award. Your blog is beautiful in design and beautiful in words.

I accept your furtherance of the prize with a grateful heart.

Thank you so much.

NathanKP - Imagination Manifesto

Carolina Z said...

Thank you all for the kind feedback, I appreciate your visiting, truly!


Sorry it took me some time to react to the very flattering news of my linked picture - and a huuuge one too, you sure about that? :) - on your blog. I feel honored and more than happy to retribute. Thank you!!


Thank you! If you still didn't know how much I enjoy your writing, then hopefully the award did the trick.

But I hope you did. :)

NathanKP said...

I have posted about the award and linked back to your blog.

Thank again!