Sunday, November 2, 2008

prime flight

turned on

and for the first time
i didn't miss it

a song was composed
and the newborn got
cradled in my ear

a poem was found
in a rusted tin can
between layers of wait

a fire was lit
from stone on stone
easing paleolithic shivers
you came


NathanKP said...

I love the lines: "A poem was found/in a rusted tin can/between layers of wait."

Beautiful things are all around us, its just looking to find them in the right places, even the unlikely ones.

NathanKP - Imagination Manifesto

Ellumbra said...

Consistently splendid, succinctly expressive, profoundly human and tender,
two contrasting emotional states, superbly juxtaposed.

How I loathe deconstruction, analysis, I just love to read.
Thank you CarolinaZ

Ellumbra said...

I love the audio version - the discretely whispered asides - the secretly inflected subtext - are we entertaining duplicity, or is the author shy of her own truth?

Oh, to feel the warm breath of those whispers . . .