Saturday, November 1, 2008

song loved

Daphne and Apollo
by Nerina Pallot

Venus loved Daphne and so did Apollo

So why can't I make myself like a tree?
Why must I burn daily and nightly
When nobody's running - well not after me.
Must I wait, must I pray
For something good to come my way?

Oh, Daphne was stupid! Yeah, how could she do it?
How could she turn a prince from her door?
'Cause if you came calling, boy I'd let you in
But you don't come calling, well not anymore.
So I wait, and I grow old.
When I'm dead, then you'll know.

Do you know?

You know.


Ellumbra said...

Had I but one mortal heart,
It now lays split in two,
Pierced by a purity,
A sweet silken duet,
Of tender lips
And a jewelled soul.
In the mist rising
From the ocean of my dreams,
There she sits,
Upon a dark rock,
Favouring her jet black hair
With an idle combing,
Eyes cast down
At a reflection
Too charmed,
That all who hear
This siren song -
And dare to glimpse
The ivory breast,
The raven cascade,
The cherry ripe lips
That distant sunshine bring,
The shimmering
Of a rainbow tail,
As lazily
It stirs the sea -
Will take that final memory,
And two pieces of heart,
To the deep, dark
Bottomless blue,
The comforting canyon
Of death.
But I have already cheated
The skeletal hand,
The scythe
That would cut me down -
I am reborn
From that blackened gaze,
My heart,
Already rekindled
From its grave.

Carolina Z said...


You know, Tim... people will begin to visit my blog just in order to read your comments.

Quite certain that's already happening. :)

THANK you... obrigada!

Anonymous said...

I visit - for both of you. Your words burn as brightly as a fire at a candle factory.

Carolina Z said...


Thank you so much for visiting, and also for this adorable compliment! I am ve-ry fond of metaphores (in case it wasn't clear :)!


You see?

Anonymous said...

I visit for both as well.. there are always words that give me thought and feeling.:)