Saturday, June 28, 2008

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i would
like to clear my vision for the unintended harm that comes my way. like very much to forgive and be forgiven without the customary hassle. love not to be furious, not to resent and not to assume. find it grand if i could control this rage and focus on the beneficial factors: of others, life and myself.

i would
give anything to get a hold of my inner balance.
give most of what i am in exchange for a fraction of what i (know i) could be.
give a chunk of my heart to be able to love in less agressive ways.
give you everything you need if only i knew how to.

i would
be awfully grateful for some system update.


confused said...

very thought provoking post..

Ellumbra said...

but I sense a wisely economical person, concentrating the essence into the essential - not willing to dilute her qualities for the vague values of quantity - less is more - an appreciable rarity.
And just what is that piano track?
Happy thanksgiving . . .

Juan Trasmonte said...

Simply beautiful, Miss Z!
Agrade├žo teus elogios. Vou te linkar no blog.