Monday, June 30, 2008

bipolar prophecy

so here is what i think will happen:
we'll both eventually grow out of it
much like at the end of our fully united days
when we'll just lie there, temporarily satisfied
after so much teasing and button-pushing

it would be blithe to have it otherwise
to fell the taste and not just picture it
to mean the phrase and not just gag
to stare a tad longer, without the fear
that a spark of truth might spring right out

it will be best to walk this way
a welcome blessing to have them fade
these nagging needs, these oughta-dos
those sneaky dreams, them wishes to
give in, wear out the mask imposed

i do not long for this to be
but i believe we'll feel relieved
cause i would love to have a go
my fragile shield won't last too long
and i can't have the heart exposed

not more than it already is, anyway
not so much that it could kill

and die


confused said...

very well reminded me a lot of myself at times..

Steph said...

Hey, nice poem. I liked it.

And by the way, your iPOD player thingy scared the life out of me. I heard strange beeping coming from an unidentified source. I thought the mothership was landing for a second there, it was terrifying. :P

Ellumbra said...

I understand - a glimpse into the crystal ball - there is a light through all the dark mists of confusion - a very strong spark indeed . . .
Beautiful words - euphemy - a thin veil draped over considerable pain.