Thursday, October 16, 2008


so Chungyen Chang from Weather for Headphones had the simple yet sparkling idea of recording his poems. and what can I say.. i got so inspired that i've decided to implement the gimmick myself! on a happier note for you, kind readers that i treasure, listening to the results is entirely optional. :)

i have only voiced two of my latest posts so far and i don't really think i'll cover the whole of my scribblings. requests, anyone?

i'd also like to take the opportunity to thank Robert from Black Tie and Sneakers, who's been unsayably gracious to me, having gone that far as to reach me an award!

and my very first one too. thank you so much, dear friend! now, i am not exactly sure of what i should do next - what with my lack of experience in the matter. so i'll do as Robert did, since i'm sure he knows what he's doing - and pass it on to two of my favorite bloggers in the whooole wide web:

Tim from Smoke Signals and Juan from Naovem Quenaotem

i hope i'm not doing anything awfully wrong. could i have sent it back to you, Rob?

thank you all for stopping by! ;)


Ellumbra said...

Eyelids may shut,
To enclose us within our dreams,
Breathing suspended,
Ghosts may sleep on,
By the long reaching arm of fragrance.
But there is one gateway remains,
Completely unguarded,
An open well shaft
Falling straight to the soul.
The voice, the ear.
The pegasus of sound,
Softly feathered and floating,
Descends unimpeded
To those depths of incandescent brilliance.
And riding bareback,
A host of invisible messengers,
Silently informing secrets.
The gentle currents of their language
Adding a subtle,
Yet strangely vibrant and tangible
Symphony of colour.
I hear not a sweet melody alone,
But accompanied
By a choir of angels.

Ellumbra said...

CarolinaZ - I am honoured and extrememly grateful to receive such a lovely surprise.
Thank you - it is a treasure indeed - from a most gifted friend, whose friendship is a treasure in itself.
God bless you CarolinaZ

Carolina Z said...

Tim... oh my..

this is... phenomenal..!

When did you write that? And what is it doing out of CloudPillows?

You couldn't have possibly just poemed your way in this comment like the must natural thing in the world... could you?

Yes... yes, you could.. actually.

You.. I.. thank you! This is...
thank you.

Ellumbra said...

It was constructed on Notepad & copy/pasted - but it is just for you - after hearing your lovely voice.
Remember - musicians breath with their ears . . .

Carolina Z said...


*hopelessly out of words*

Your poem does the trick quit nicely in convincing that you truly enjoyed what you heard... and I'm not easily persuaded! So you might want to know that I just recorded "fail", from last month.

confused said...

you have stepped into an area I have contemplated recording my poetry..and you do it well..I think i will have to try it and see if it comes out half as good as yours..:))

your award is well deserved and you may pas it on as is your pleasure..rules are guidlines only at least that is my interpretation...:))

Jennifer said...

It is a simple yet sparkling idea, and I find it helps me with the cadence of the thing, in addition to bringing a certain intimacy (I love Weather for Headphones, too, by the way).

Congratulations on the well-deserved award. And, since I am poetry-dumb, I will leave it at that.

Carolina Z said...

Robert.. thank you!
You already know what I think about some possible poetry recording of yours... (DO it - in case you forgot ;)

I'm not sure that this stuff I write is poetry, Jen... so feel free to be as poetry-dumb as you wish around me. :) Thank you for supporting me and for taking the time to let me know that.