Sunday, July 6, 2008


dipping my soul in chocolate
having a tree take me by the hand
entering a white room
so packed with colourful ballons
the door will barely open

sensing lilac clouds of all-flavoured ice cream
sweep me off my feet
as you smile at me

being held locked by the witch
finding out i am the witch
falling off the ferris wheel
just as we were both so thrilled
in a perfect, smily day

getting robbed of your hands
no-one there to

stop that crime
as i see i made you whine

will you always bring your laughter
if i promise to behave?

will you take me to your playground
if i swear not to complain?

give me one more of your hugs, filled with stars and cinnabuns?
trust me now, won't let you down

mom will be a good girl


Anonymous said...

a powerful piece with emotion ..

damon said...

Did you say Cinnabuns?
I swear I read Cinnabuns somewhere in there.
Hang on.....

Yep, right there at the end..
I love them damn things.

Carolina Z said...


So do I, brother... so do I.. ;)

katy said...

hi carol, i knew that the best person who would understand me emotionally are the those who shared the same experience with me,
thank u so much for your comment, as i check it this morning, it game me a different view of my life now, perhaps a stronger person and a better woman.thanks for the piece of advice...see you around,

Ellumbra said...

Honest to God - Carolina - you have such an exquisite way with words. Whichever way your life turns - please continue to spell it out with this haunting magic.
They get better at each reading.
So many deep and secret longings are stirred, by you, because of you . . .